Fairytales come alive

Discover the romantic Middle Ages with one of the most beautiful and largest fortifications in Germany. Step into a world of legends where knights fought to defend their maidens, ladies-in-waiting were involved in the destruction of the castle, where students danced with headless princesses and enemies turned into friends.
As one of the first reformed cities of the Holy Roman Empire, business boomed because of trade fairs, leading to tremendous affluence. The city’s right to mint coins made it to one of the most important commercial locations along the Main River. All this is brought back to life and ensures numerous “ooohhhs” and “aaahhhs”.  Read more

Individually designed exclusive tours available upon request.

This includes costumed Tours , Theme Tours ( witch burnings, Jewish history, Fairytales and anecdotes, etc..) as well as gourmet and day excursions into the region.