City of the lost hearts

„I lost my heart in Heidelberg“

A quote from a German folk song and the theme of the famous Hollywood movie „The Student Prince“ is a promise from the “City with Heart” that all who came to visit will return someday.

Heidelberg is not only the home of the oldest university on German speaking soil (1386) but was also seat of the powerful Prince-Electors ruling during the Holy Roman Empire of German Nations.

The majestic castle ruin throned above is looking down onto this pulsating city. Join us on our journey through the centuries and discover the life and times of some of the most powerful rulers in history. Together we enlighten not only the facts but also “the rest of the story” 🙂

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Individually designed exclusive tours available upon request.

This includes costumed Tours , Theme Tours ( witch burnings, Jewish history, Fairytales and anecdotes,on the footsteps of Mark Twain etc..) as well as gourmet and day excursions into the region.